St. Maarten: Mullet Bay Beach – Getting to Know Her Better

St. Maarten Mullet Bay Beach Getting To Know Her Better

It has been a few weeks since I first set foot in St. Maarten’s Mullet Bay Beach and I was taken aback after realizing her magnificence.  It was a short and sweet encounter and it seemed to be that I can’t get enough of her; from then on, I made a promise to myself to meet up with her again.  The next Wednesday came, I went on my way following the same course to her location feeling more at ease and blissful than the last time.

I went past Princess Juliana International Airport and Maho Beach straight into a golf course and was dropped off at a spacious parking area, a few meters away from the entrance.

Maho Beach
Princess Juliana International Airport


As I walked towards the beach, I can already hear the sound of the waves smashing to the shore and a few more steps further I eventually saw the shimmering, clear, and bluish green waters that spelled tranquility.  Tall palm trees and sea grapes are lined in between the island’s sole golf course and the long stretch of the crescent-shaped Mullet Bay Beach.

A glimpse of Mullet Bay
A glimpse of Mullet Bay

By the entrance, two food stalls on each side welcomed me, Daleo’s Snack to my left and Rosie’s Snack Bar to my further right. Both establishments are serving mostly similar items on their menus like salads, sandwiches, barbeque ribs and chicken combo and a few selections of frozen drinks, all priced reasonably.  There were no fancy restaurants in the premises and there were no bathrooms except for the two portable toilets that are available behind both food stalls.  But these sorts of inadequacies are tended to be overlooked by the sheer comeliness of the idyllic Mullet Bay Beach.


Mullet Bay Beach
Daleo's Snack
Mullet Bay Beach
Rosie's Snack Bar

I have learned that she was once the talk of the town, the fairest of them all, the most popular beach in all of St. Maarten and one of the most luxurious in the region until hurricane Luis came in 1995 (check the backstory here).  It was one of the most disastrous hurricane that ever hit the island leaving the nearby Mullet Bay Hotel in ruins.  Though the hurricane may have lessened her luster, locals and tourists still can’t deny and resist her charms.  She is still popular with the locals who flock the beach mostly on weekends, visitors from the nearby establishments also pay a visit to unwind or just a have a walk along the coast.

She succumbs to everyone who wants to indulge a day under the sun on the shore.  Her waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling on a calm fine day but there are times that the waves are so high and powerful that is more suitable for surfing.  Most of the people stay near the entrance where the umbrellas and chairs rest along the beach.  But for those who want a serene ambiance to read a book, just laze around and have a conversation are on the other end of the beach near the cliff.

I strolled, headed for the cliff leaving my footprints on the soft white sand after each and every step.  A little bit intrigued, I went up the cliff to see what was beyond those rocks.  And there I have witnessed the forceful waves crashing to the weather-beaten walls forming it to look like a piece of an oversized jigsaw puzzle.  I meandered for a while on top of the cliff to appreciate Mullet Bay’s elegance from the closest highest peak.

Mullet Bay Beach
Foot prints in the sand

Mullet Bay Beach


She has her own distinctive quality compared to Maho Beach and the others.  She may be lacking with luxurious amenities but she’s absolutely teeming with simple charms that will surely mesmerize anyone.

Would you also like to get to know her better?

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  1. St. Maarten is on our radar from a while but we haven’t been there yet. With your photos you inspired us and we’d love to try your same experience especially spending the day on the beach 🙂

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