Cebu Kawasan Canyoneering A Prelude to Extreme Adventures

Cebu: Kawasan Canyoneering in Badian, A Prelude to Extreme Adventures

A colleague of mine have asked me if where will be my next destination.  When I told him that I will be heading to Cebu next, he then enthusiastically said that it would be a lot of fun especially when I try Kawasan Canyoneering in Badian.  At the back of my mind, I was trying to recall if I have already encountered what he said, but I was clueless.  Back then, I had the slightest idea of what canyoneering was all about but the huge smile on his face piqued my curiosity and gave me the impression that it seemed very exciting.

Cebu: When in Oslob, Spend A Day in Bluewater Sumilon Island

Cebu: When in Oslob, Spend A Day in Bluewater Sumilon Island

Fifteen minutes off the coast of Bancogon in Oslob rests Bluewater Sumilon Island, a tiny landmass measuring at only twenty-four hectares.  To most tourists, the parcel of land is quite renowned for its shifting white sandbar.  However, the privately-owned island is more than just the sandbar and to discern more of what it is truly about, I spent the rest of my first day in Oslob on a day tour in Bluewater Sumilon Island. 

Cebu The Ride to Oslob A Peek into the Past Visiting Oslob Church and Old Spanish Cuartel

Cebu: The Ride to Oslob – A Peek into the Past, Visiting Oslob Church and the Old Spanish Cuartel

The island of Cebu is divided in two main regions, North and South.  They say that the northern part is for the laid-back wanderer where most of the pristine white sand beaches can be found. And while the southern part of Cebu is for the adventurous and more active traveler, I thought, hey! I also have an adventurous spirit in me and journeying to the south might just let me explore it even more.  

Cebu DIY Cebu City Tour - Part 1

Cebu: DIY Cebu City Tour – Part 1, Lessons Learned

An hour had passed then finally, “Welcome to Mactan-Cebu International Airport”, was announced over the airline’s PA system…At last, I was in Cebu. As I got out of the airport, I was thinking whether to take the taxi which was readily available right in front of me, or to look for the MyBus terminal or jeepney stop to get to where will I be staying while in Cebu. I was inclined to take the bus or the jeep however, I didn’t exactly know yet where the hotel was. So, after weighing each pros and cons, it was more practical to take a taxi at that time even if it was costly.

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