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It was originally known as Hambil Island until one of the Spanish voyagers who visited the island changed its name to Carabao Island or Islas de Carabao as it bears resemblance to that of a water buffalo from afar. But other stories say that a lot of Carabao roamed freely on the island’s terrain some time ago that’s why it was called Carabao Island. Today, Carabao Island is officially recognized as the island municipality of San Jose, Romblon located at the southern tip of Tablas Island.   Not too far way, separated by Hambil Channel is the world-famous island of Boracay.

The main mode of transportation to go around Carabao Island is the habal-habal. Navigating its narrow roads reminded me of our trip to Gigantes Norte in Gigantes Islands. The pathway was just wide enough for 2 motorcycles side by side to pass through. It has a series of ascends and descends traversing through coconut plantations, open fields and tree-laden path.

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Romblon Carabao Island A Pleasant Surprise

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