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Laguna is located just a few kilometres southeast of Metro Manila, a part of CALABARZON in the Southern Tagalog region. It was named by the Spaniards after Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country surrounding the province’s northern boundary.

The province is known to many as the birthplace of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal and where the majestic Pagsanjan Falls (Cavinti Falls) can be found. It is the land where hot spring resorts in Calamba and Los Baños are in abundance. But Laguna has much more to offer than those attractions that we’re so familiar with.  In fact, missing out on a lot of it.

Laguna is a place of history, evidently seen in the old structures that were built since the Spanish era like the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan, red brick church of Liliw and the Ancestral Houses in Pila. Being at the foot of several mountains, it is home to a number of stunning bodies of waters tucked in the heart of the forest. There’s the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Kilangin/Bukal Falls in Liliw/Majayjay, Bunga Twin Falls in Nagcarlan, Hulugan Falls of Luisiana and a whole lot more.

However, since most people are far more inclined toward beaches in farther destinations we tend to pay no heed to places that are closer but are packed with remarkably picturesque locations. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on those wheels and take a joyride to this scenic and historic place that is Laguna.

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