Batanes: 4D and 3N Solo Travel Adventure

I have had the pleasure and the privilege to set foot on Batanes for a 4D and 3N solo travel adventure and it left me in awe since then up until now. And I’m already missing it. Wow! is definitely an understatement. I heard sighs, admiration and maybe all the positive words (uttered in various tones) to describe a place from other tourists. Everywhere I gazed was a sight to behold, it was crazy gorgeous!

Batanes: Biking Diary – PROs and CONs of DIY Travel

After settling in my room, I asked Ate Emy where I can rent a mountain bike. They have Japanese bikes for rent but it will not do the work for long rides in exploring the island. She showed me a map and tried to direct me where to go but it was not as detailed and she said that I might get lost so she just personally accompanied me to the bike rental shop. Along the way, she was asking me if I would really take a mountain bike to do a tour of North Batan because it would be a long ride. I said, I wanted to try it out. When we reached the bike shop it was still closed, she then escorted me to the office of Bisumi Tours to confirm my tour for the next day and to have a place to wait until the rental shop opens.

Batanes: Places to Visit in Sabtang

Sabtang is the smallest of the three inhabited island municipality in Batanes. Thirty minutes away from Batan, it can be reached via a Faluwa, a type of boat which is its only public transportation, it is docked at Ivana Port that leaves at 6:30H and comes back around 14:00H every day. It was day two of my Batanes journey and I was looking forward to what I was about to set my eyes on.

Batanes: Places to Visit in South Batan

The larger part of the Batan Tour is South Batan. It was my third day in Batanes, I didn’t rent a mountain bike this time but instead, I joined the same group that I was with on my Sabtang tour. Unlike its northern counterpart, some of the sites in this region are distant from each other. Most of the roads leading to the landmarks are along the coast; I was already in for a treat with the beauteous view of the hills, cliffs, blue skies and the big blue Pacific Ocean and South China Sea even before we get to our journey’s end. They say that if you have been enthralled by North Batan wait until you see the South.