St. Maarten: Mullet Bay Beach – Getting to Know Her Better

It has been a few weeks since I first set foot in St. Maarten’s Mullet Bay Beach and I was taken aback after realizing her magnificence.  It was a short and sweet encounter and it seemed to be that I can’t get enough of her; from then on, I made a promise to myself to meet up with her again.  The next Wednesday came, I went on my way following the same course to her location feeling more at ease and blissful than the last time.

St. Maarten: Places to Visit in Philipsburg

The Caribbean region is known to be as a first rate tourist destination because of the island’s tropical weather and pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. One of the most sought after island by holiday seekers is St. Maarten (Sint Martin). It is the only island country in the world that is governed by two nations, the Netherlands and France, with Philipsburg (Dutch side – more popular for shopping and night life) and Marigot (French side – best known for gourmet food) as its capital cities.

St. Maarten: Biking Diary – Fort Amsterdam

I turned to my best bud, Mr. Google :-), for directions because I’m off to Fort Amsterdam. Fort Amsterdam is one of the two historic forts in St. Maarten (Dutch colony). It was the first fort to be built by Dutch settlers in the Caribbean, in 1631. It was then captured by the Spaniards and made it an important stronghold east of Puerto Rico.

It remained under the control of the Dutch after the Spaniards left the fort in 1648.  Fort Amsterdam is the nearest attraction from the terminal aside from the Boardwalk. It rests atop of a hill keeping an eye on the enormity of Great Bay and Little Bay and this is where the tides had brought and stirred me to pen another page in my biking diary.