Batanes: Places to Visit in Sabtang

Batanes Places to Visit in Sabtang

Sabtang is the smallest of the three inhabited island municipality in Batanes. Thirty minutes away from Batan, it can be reached via a Faluwa, a type of boat which is its only public transportation, it is docked at Ivana Port that leaves at 6:30H and comes back around 14:00H every day. It was day two of my Batanes journey and I was looking forward to what I was about to set my eyes on.

Sabtang Port

The port is the gateway to Sabtang Island; anything that cannot be sourced naturally in the island needs to be boarded on the Faluwa. It is not just people who get on the boat but produce, animals, construction materials and vehicles too.

Port ofSabtang Batanes
Port of Sabtang
The Faluwa Batanes
The Faluwa
Fisherman at Sabtang Port Batanes
Fisherman at Sabtang Port

San Vicente Ferrer Church (Sabtang Church)

Another Roman Catholic Century-Old Church in Batanes located in the island of Sabtang near the port. It was originally built in 1785 as a small chapel. In 2008, the church was declared as a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Sabtang Church Batanes
San Vicente Ferrer Church

 Sabtang Lighthouse

The third of the Lighthouses in Batanes, this one can only be seen from afar. Our guide said that the land is privately owned and does not allow tourists in the area.  Nevertheless, its magnificence can still be appreciated from Sabtang Port.

Sabtang Lighthouse Batanes
Sabtang Lighthouse

Morong Beach – Natural Arch Formation

Batanes also has its share of white beaches. One of the most famous of all is Morong Beach because of the arched-rock naturally formed on its shore. The sand is a bit unrefined but its waves are more forgiving that makes swimming much possible.

Morong Beach Batanes
Natural Arch Formation
Morong Beach Batanes
Morong Beach

 Savidug Village

This is one of the villages in Sabtang (in Batanes in general) that was able to preserve their heritage. All of the stone houses have been built with thick walls made up of lime and rocks with thatched cogon roofs.

Savidug Village Batanes
One of the houses in Savidug Village
Traditional Stone house in Batanes
Traditional Stone house in Batanes

Chavayan Village

Same as Savidug Village, the houses in Chavayan Village are built with the same materials. Some of it was built more than a hundred years ago. The design was of Spanish influence when they came in the 1800’s. You can also find the Vacul (traditional Ivatan headdress) weavers in the village.

Old Stone House Batanes
Old Stone House at Chavayan Village
Stone House at Chavayan Village Batanes
Stone House at Chavayan Village
Chavayan Beach Batanes
Chavayan Beach

Chamantad – Tinyan View Point

It is the Marlboro Country of Sabtang Island with rolling hills covered in green grass, cliffs where you can see the intense waves smashing on its foot. When I looked at the horizon I see the immensity of the open sea and behind me was a huge rocky mountain.

Chamantad & Tinyan View Point Batanes
Chamantad & Tinyan View Point
Chamantad - Tinyan View Point Batanes
Parked at the edge of the cliff
Chamantad-Tinyan View Point Batanes
Close up shot from Chamantad-Tinyan View Point
Chamantad-Tinyan View Point Batanes
Vacul (Ivatan Traditional Headdress) and Weaved Baskets made by the Ivatans sold at the Chamantad-Tinyan View Point

It is possible to stay overnight in the island, you can arrange it with your tour operator. FYI, there are no air-con rooms available in Sabtang and the electricity is cut off by midnight.

Although the tour was just for half a day, it turned out to be more than what I have expected. It didn’t fall short in making my eyes twinkle and my jaw drop with its resplendent vistas. Do not be deceived by the island’s small dimensions because it was without a shadow of a doubt packed with its own illustrious wonders.

So, are you planning to go to Batanes anytime soon?

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Batanes Places to Visit in Sabtang Portrait

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