Coron: Biking Diary – Exploring Coron Town

Coron Biking Diary Exploring Coron Town

Fifteen minutes past 12:00 noon, I have reached Seahorse Guest House, the hotel where I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights.  I immediately checked-in, had a quick rest then prepared my stuff, reviewed my map (it was very helpful, you can get it from here) and then I jumped off of my bed and hit the road.

Since most island hopping tours start in the morning, I have nothing booked for my first day. I was looking for a bike rental shop that I read on an article but unfortunately the shop had already moved someplace else. The locals told me that there was a new bike rental shop near the hospital so I headed there.

I’ve found the location and when I entered the shop I noticed that the owner looked familiar. Then I remembered that I was seated next to him in the airport’s waiting area back in Manila. I told him about it and we had a small chat, his name is Raul. He asked me if I already know where to go, because if not, they do have bike trail suggestions depending on your skill level. I said nothing serious, maybe just go around town.

Anyway, I have my map and I’ll try to figure it out. The rental cost is PHP 100/hour. Sir Raul asked me if what time I will be back so they would know what time to expect me. He even gave me his number just in case something happens and I would need help. I did not get the name of his shop but it is located before reaching the hospital coming from the town and it is the only bike shop in the area.

Disclaimer: Honestly, I didn't bother to get the shop's name because I had no plans yet of writing about my travel experiences at that moment.  All I wanted was to practice and improve on my photography skills.  Check here how I started.  

According to Sir Raul, I should be careful navigating the roads because the tricycles (3- wheeled cab) could care less at times, but it is generally safe riding a bike around the area.

Biking in Coron Palawan
You can explore Coron Town on a mountain bike

Dark clouds hover all over town, and it might start to rain at any point. It was good and bad, good because I would not suffer the wrath of the sun at 2:30PM and bad because if it rained my camera was at stake even if I had a dry bag I would not dare biking under the rain.

I didn’t waste any time, on my bike I headed back to town on the way to Lualhati Park. From the National Road, I turned a slight right at Don Pedro St. passing by the Public Market and turned right then straight to the boat ports.

Lualhati Park is near the island hopping boat port facing Coron Bay where the colossal limestone rock formations can already be seen.  There was a zip line by the bay but I don’t think that it was still in operation. From the park’s grounds was a panoramic view of Mt. Tapyas.

Coron Town
Coron Town from Seahorse Guest House Roof Deck
Welcome to Lualhati Park Coron
Welcome to Lualhati Park
Lualhati Park Coron Palawan
Treating her best bud while waiting for their boat ride
Lualhati Park Coron
A view of Mt. Tapyas from the park
Locals Coron Palawan
Port vendor
Boatman Coron
Sail Away
At the Port of Coron
Lualhati Park Grounds Coron
Main mode of transportation around town

After I left the park, I toured around town. I have observed that tourism was evidently bustling in Coron; on either side of the road were different bars and restaurants, hotels, inns, souvenir shops, banks and other business establishments. Tourists, foreigners and locals, were highly visible on the streets.

San Agustin Parish Coron
San Agustin Parish
San Agustin Parish Coron Palawan
San Agustin Parish Altar

I was supposed to go to Maquinit Hot Springs, then to Cabo beach but I figured that it was getting late so I opted to go to Mt. Tapyas instead to chase the sunset. I turned back and followed the street signs, but halfway to its base, the road was already too sharp so I got off my bike and walked.

When I reached the foot of the hill I was dead beat, I gazed up and I realized that there was no way that I can carry the bike with me to the top. The path going up was a flight of steps, 723 steps to be exact. As soon as I caught my breath, I’ve decided to return the bike and went on foot back to Mt. Tapyas.

Mt. Tapyas Coron
Steps going to Mt. Tapyas
Mt. Tapyas Coron
A view from Mt. Tapyas
Mt Tapyas Cross Coron Palawan
Mt. Tapyas Cross

There were only a few attractions that can be found in Coron Town as most of the first-rate wonders are out at sea or on other islands. Nevertheless, I enjoyed biking in Coron. I would like to do it for an entire day if I had one to spare.

Here was my Biking Itinerary

Day 1 - Coron Town on a Mountain Bike

14:30H-16:00H Lualhati Park, Public Market, Boat Port
16:00H-17:10H Around Coron Town
17:10H-17:20H Mt. Tapyas (base)
17:20H-17:30H Back to Bike Shop

Breakdown of Expenses

PHP 300 Bike rental – 100/hour x 3 hours

Tip: Go to Sir Raul’s bike shop, the bikes in his shop are new, of good quality and well-maintained. It is located along the National Road near the Hospital. He can be reached at this number +63 917 523 4356.

Would you like to bike around town too?

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Coron Biking Diary Exploring Coron Town Portrait

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