Bauan, Batangas: A Perfect Budget Weekend Getaway in Il Sogno Resort

Bauan Batangas Il Sogno

If you ever wondered where you can go for a budget weekend getaway, Bauan, Batangas is the perfect destination. It is not too far from Manila but you can spend time to break free from the chaotic urban life.

Nasugbu, Calatagan, Laiya and Anilao top the list of places in Batangas that have nice beaches and astonishing underwater world. But don’t close that list just yet because Bauan, Batangas has its own secret marvel that is yet to be revealed. One of them is Il Sogno Resort in the town of Sampaguita.

It was July 2016, when my High School buddies and I went on a trip to Il Sogno Beach Resort. Prior to our mini reunion, I was already there for a team building with my colleagues. Yes, it was that impressive that I came back plus it’s near and convenient for all of us.

My friend was in charge of the reservations. She informed us that the resort offered a package inclusive of RT boat ride from Anilao Port to the resort and a snorkeling trip at the fish sanctuary.

I was so thankful that the boat ride was included in the package because the first I went there, I rode a jeep and it was a bumpy ride on a steep and narrow road.

Our call time was 4PM, but I was late due to some unforeseen events. My friends decided to go ahead without me so they can prepare and cook our food.

It was around 7PM when I got to the port where the caretaker will pick me up. I refused to ride a tricycle going there since it was already dark and I know that the road was steep and scary. But when I saw the boat that I needed to get in and saw how dark the sea was (there was a slight rain that night), I started questioning my decisions in life. J It was a small blue boat, only 3 persons would fit in. I had no other option but to get in and just prayed and relied on their boating skills. 🙂 After sometime and a few Hail Mary’s, we safely reached the shore.

The room we got was big enough for 5 persons to sleep in. There was no TV which is good, to let you maximize the bonding experience. It was equipped with a toilet and bath, and an A/C. We were also allowed to cook and store our own food in the common kitchen for a minimum charge of Php 200.

Since we wanted to maximize our budget for food and drinks, we opted to eat Boodle Fight Style. A military style of eating. Boodle Fight is a symbol of brotherhood and equality among Filipino military by sharing the same food without regard to rank. This way of eating does represent authentic Philippine culture where food is served and spread on top of the banana leaves. What better way to bond right?

At the strike of dawn, we were already up. All feeling excited for our snorkeling trip. We headed to the beach for a morning walk on the soft white sand while waiting for the boat to be ready. The Boatman said that the snorkeling site was a fish sanctuary. We were the first group who got there, so the fishes were still so hungry, even I got nibbled on a few times.

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas
Boat Trip to Fish Sanctuary

My friends got scared at first when I asked them to swim away from the boat. Being a pro-swimmer that I am (LOL! Thanks, Kuya!), I encouraged them that it was okay as they have life vests on and the boatman was nearby to rescue us.

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas
Snorkeling Time
Il Sogno Fish Sanctuary
Snorkeling at Fish Sanctuary

It was a calm and relaxing moment, looking at the fishes, the sky and the sea. It was definitely a happy moment sharing it with these girls whom I have known for half of my life. Despite the different schedules and priorities in life, it is always a good idea to just relax and bond with them. After an enjoyable encounter with nature and its underwater wonders, we got to the boat and headed back to the resort, had a few selfies (WINK!), cooked breakfast and then we decided to go home.

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas
Us Girls
Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas
High School Reunion at Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas

Il Sogno Resort

Il Sogno Resort
Photo Credit to Dareileen Mae Leynes

We have always tried to stay within the area for our reunion due to budget restrictions.  Il Sogno Resort in Bauan, Batangas has all that we have ever wanted and more. It is a secluded place where we can focus on nature and the people that we are with. We also felt very much at home with the attentiveness of their staff; it was a great customer service experience. It may not be a five-star resort but it can give you your money’s worth.

So, next time that you’re looking for perfect budget weekend getaway with your ‘dabarkads’ (Filipino slang for close friends). Or searching for a place where to spend a family get together this summer or even planning your team building activity, pay a quick visit to Il Sogno Resort in Bauan, Batangas.

Il Sogno Resort
Il Sogno Resort – Photo Credit to Dareileen Mae Leynes

Il Sogno Resort

How to get to Bauan, Batangas

For those who are coming from Manila, you can take the bus from Cubao or LRT Buendia going to Batangas Pier for Php 165 or Php 157 respectively. Then take a jeep from Grand terminal to Anilao.

Travel time: 2 and ½ to 3 hours depending on the traffic.

From Dasmarinas Cavite, you can take a van bound for Bauan from Pala-Pala terminal.

A little tip is if you're coming from the Dasmarinas, Cavite area, take the van that goes from Lemery to Bauan, saves you from the traffic plus you get to have a peek of Tagaytay. 🙂 From Lemery, you should get off before reaching Bauan Doctor’s Hospital.
mermei says

Ways to get to Il Sogno Resort

By Land Transport

To get there by land, you need to take a jeep then a tricycle. From what the caretaker told us you can take a jeep going to Mabini and alight at the town of San Pedro, from there you can take a tricycle up to the town of Sampaguita.  Travel time: 30 – 45 minutes.

By Boat Ride

Get on a boat from Anilao Port to the resort. Travel time is about 30 mins depending on the calmness of the sea.

Practical Tips

Try to get to the boat port latest by 4PM to reach the resort before dark and to get a view of the sunset.

For a smoother route to to the resort would be to take the boat ride.  You can take the land transportation and journey through the road less traveled if you’re extra adventurous.

Bring your own goggles.

Do not forget your sunblock!

Be wary of the cats, they may be cute and cuddly but they are fierce.




Island hopping – visit Isla Sombrero

Videoke – sing your heart out (only until 10PM), a place is not complete without a Videoke machine (only in the Philippines).  🙂

Breakdown of Expenses for Il Sogno

Php 140 Van from Cavite to Bauan, Batangas
Php 18 Jeep to Anilao Crossing
Php 20 Tricycle from Anilao Crossing to Anilao Port
Php 5000/5 = Php 1000 each Includes accommodation for 5, RT Boat ride, Snorkeling trip
Php 2500/5 = Php 500 each Food for Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch
Php 1,800 Budget per person

Facebook: Il Sogno Beach Resort

Contact number: 0939 715 5946

Bauan Batangas Il Sogno

How About You? Have you been to Bauan, Batangas? Do you know a place for a perfect budget weekend getaway? Share your thoughts.
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