Tingloy Batangas: A One-Day DIY Escapade in Masasa Beach

Tingloy Batangas - A One-Day DIY Escapade in Masasa Beach

Tingloy, Batangas is slowly getting recognized because of the sheer charm of one of its beaches, Masasa Beach. The pristine beauty of Masasa Beach has gained popularity through word of mouth from those who have been delighted by its splendor.  Moreover, the proximity of Batangas from Manila had made it as one of the best choices to quickly escape the hectic life in the city.  Its irresistible allure had spread like a wildfire, egging travelers, especially beach lovers to come around.

For me to see what the buzz was all about and since island hopping is so in nowadays, we plotted for a one-day DIY (Do-It-Yourself) escapade to Masasa Beach.  With our bags packed, we hit the road and journeyed to Batangas, full of excitement.

Getting to Anilao (via Bauan)

For directions to Anilao from Manila, read: Bauan, Batangas: A Perfect Budget Weekend Getaway in Il Sogno Resort

At around 5:30 PM, we left Pala-Pala, Dasmariñas, on a UV express van bound for Bauan, Batangas passing through Tagaytay.

Since Cavite is already close to Batangas, we knew that our travel time would be shorter compared to if we were coming from Manila, but that’s what we thought.

It was January 1st that day and passing through Tagaytay, which was a famous tourist destination on a rush hour, was a bad decision. We were welcomed by a very heavy traffic. The supposed to be one to one-and-a-half-hour ride got extended and we were able to reach Bauan, Batangas after two hours and thirty minutes. Yeah, I know, it was quite longer than we had expected.

We’ve spent the night at my boyfriend’s father’s house in Bauan since there were no more available boats at that time that would bring us to Tingloy.

Travel time and travel period are substantial points to know and be aware of. So, as much as possible make some adjustments and take traffic into account during pre/post-holiday trips!
Kizzie Belle says

From Anilao to Tingloy

7:00 AM, it was a sunny day; a perfect day to catch some waves. Without wasting any time, we left the house and headed to town or “bayan”. Once we arrived at Bauan town proper, we rode a jeepney bound for Anilao Port. The municipality of Tingloy can be reached by riding a boat from either Anilao or Talaga (Mabini) Ports (depending on the weather).

We chose to ride on a passenger boat going to Tingloy because it is much cheaper compared to renting the whole boat. Travel time was about 1 hour. When we reached Tingloy Port, we rode a tricycle to transport us to the drop off point of Masasa Beach. We didn’t have to wait because they were already lined up by the port.

A Walk through the Rice Fields

After a short ride of about 10 minutes, we had reached the tricycle terminal but it was still approximately 250 – 300 meters from Masasa Beach.  The driver said that vehicles can’t pass beyond that point anymore and we needed to walk down the slopes and through the rice fields to reach the beach, beach, BEACH!!!

The paved road was very steep.  I was already thinking that going down would be easy but getting back up would be a struggle especially with the bags and other stuff that we were carrying.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 14
The view from a few steps away from the drop off point going to Masasa Beach

Halfway through, we passed in the middle of a vast rice field.  The bright shade of green was very calming and so refreshing to look at. We seemed to forget the heat of the sun directly above us as we walked by. We paused for a while and cherished the moment. I thought to myself that it would be awesome to wake up every morning with that kind of view.

Masasa Beach Rice Fields

A Place to Stay while in Masasa Beach

Just after passing through the rice fields we have reached the beach and started to look for Aling Rosie’s Kubo (Nipa hut).  Most transient homes were on the far-right end of the beach.  Kubo rental is Php 1,000 for an overnight stay, there were two common bathrooms available.  Since we were only staying for the day, we only paid half the price of Php 500.  We put down our stuff, took a quick rest, and ate our packed lunch.  When we have settled in, it was time to hit the beach.

Exploring Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach has quite a long stretch of shoreline.  It may take you a while and a few rests before you reach the other end.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 15

The good news is, since Masasa beach is a public beach, there is no charge for camping, no entrance fee as well!  You just have to be resourceful in finding a restroom for rent near the beach because there were no available restrooms for public use.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 10
Right Side of the Beach where most of the transient homes are located

We pitched our own tent on the beach side since Aling Rosie’s kubo was a few meters away from the shore.  After enjoying an hour of swimming, picture taking, and exploring the island, we have decided to walk along the left side of the shore to look for the mysterious lagoon but we didn’t find it.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 18

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 22

Instead, there we found the jagged rock formations of Masasa beach with grayish-yellowish color that were formed probably a few thousand years ago.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 5

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 3

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 4
Left side of the beach where we found these rocks

By 1PM, we pushed through with the snorkeling activity. There are lots of “bangkeros” who offer snorkeling for 100/head including the snorkeling gear, maximum of 3 persons per boat.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 18

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 20

The Lagoon

We truly believed that there is a lagoon in Masasa Beach so we asked Kuya bangkeros, (boatmen) and yay! He confirmed that there is! We requested for them to bring us there, for an additional Php 100. It was not a fixed price though. It depends on you how much would you like to add. Nevertheless, it was all worth it!

We reached the lagoon for about 10 minutes by boat. It was breathtaking, there were two small lagoons nestled at the foot of a huge rock wall that served as a perfect backdrop courtesy of nature. Sadly, we weren’t able to explore the whole area as much as we wanted to.  Our boatman could not find a steady and sturdy structure where he can tie our small boat that was being pounded by the current. So, we chose to leave early to help him out of the predicament that he was into.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach
Masasa Beach Lagoon by the Rocks 1 (Photo taken on a different visit)
Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 9
Masasa Beach Lagoon by the Rocks 2 (Photo taken on a different visit)
Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 9
(Photo taken on a different visit)
Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 21
When we were about to go, we have spotted a tribe (group of goats) passing by. They looked so disciplined.

The lagoon can also be reached just by following the tracks on the right end of the beach, passing through the transient homes.  It was already too late when we knew about it.  Oh well, at least we were able to help out a local.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 12
Follow this path all the way to the lagoon (Photo taken on a different visit)

The Sad Truth (We Can Still Do Something)

Man’s intervention with nature is slowly taking a toll with the raw beauty of Masasa Beach.  As it gets more accolades and draws in more visitors every day, pollution starts to creep in.  In general, the beach and its surroundings are still in good shape except for one section of the beach going to the lagoon.  Garbage (i.e. plastic bottles, cans, etc.) were not disposed properly and bonfire fragments were left behind.

According to the local that I talked to, the surge of tourists was recorded last April 2016 during the Holy Week. The total number of visitors went up to 4,500. They got the figures from the stubs that were sold from the terminal fee at Anilao Port.

These numbers had improved the livelihood of the locals, but these number of tourists would also have a huge impact on their source of income if it gets out of hand and their natural resources get polluted.

Even if there are several groups now that are conducting clean-up drives to sustain the tourism in the area, the initiative should start from the locals and us visitors to keep it as it were.

Tingloy Batangas Masasa Beach 25
Full Packed on a Weekend.  Photo taken during the most recent visit last March 25-26, 2017. There are news now that camping is allowed until         7 PM only.  This photo was taken at 6:15 PM, I doubt if all these campers were off the beach front by 7 PM and if the homestays can accommodate everyone.

Breakdown of Expenses

Php 140 / person Van – From Pala-Pala, Dasmariñas to Bauan, Batangas.  For directions to Anilao from Manila, read: Bauan, Batangas: A Perfect Budget Weekend Getaway in Il Sogno Resort
Php 20 / person Jeepney – Bauan to Anilao Port
Php 80 adult Passenger Boat – Anilao Port to Tingloy.
Php 60 child You can rent a private boat for Php 3,500 good for 10-15 pax.
Php 30 / person Terminal fee at Anilao Port
Php 60 Tricycle – Tingloy Port to Entrance of Masasa Beach – Good for 5 adults (child – free fare)
Php 100 / per person (max of 3 persons in 1 boat) Snorkeling
Php 100 Went to Lagoon – Boat fee – but it can be reached just by walking
Php 500 / half day Cottage Rental – We got if for Php 100 / person for the 5 adults, the child was not charged anymore – The usual rate is Php 200 / pax for an overnight stay.
Php 500 / 100 x 5 persons Food (good for 5)
Php 552 / person Total for A One-Day DIY Escapade in Masasa Beach (For a group of 5)

Useful Information*Php – Philippine Peso

Arrive early at the port (Anilao), first trip starts at 6AM.

The last trip of the passenger’s boat from Anilao to Tingloy Port is at 4:30 PM, and from Tingloy to Anilao Port is also 4:30 PM.  Boats are not allowed to sail anymore when it’s already dark.

Activities – swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping, banana boat ride, island hopping, hike Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato, camping or just simply relax along the shore.

There are news now that camping is allowed until 7PM only.  Overnight camping was banned due to an incident with a tourist.  Better to stay in transient homes, Regular rates usually start from Php 150 – 300 / person.  There is power interruption in the island from 10 PM – 12 NN but some homestays have solar panels.

There were no restaurants or eateries where you can order a meal but you can always bring your own food and cook it there, or pay someone from the residents to cook for you.

For a place to stay, get in touch with Aling Rosie.  Her contact number is +63 919 686 4368.

Another homestay you can check out is Carmen and Ruben Mandanas Homestay.  For inquiries, contact them at

+63 997 586 1960 / +63 975 715 7232 / +63 926 522 4463


Only take photos.  Collect only memories.  Leave only footprints.  BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER!

Dispose your garbage properly.

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Tingloy Batangas - A One-Day DIY Escapade in Masasa Beach portrait

How about you? Have you been to Tingloy, Batangas? Have you seen the beauty of Masasa Beach? How was it? Share your thoughts.

This post is contributed by Kizzie Belle for wheninmyjourneys. What she loves about travelling is seeing and witnessing His beautiful creations. Aside from exploring the place, it is meeting the locals. Giving and taking a word from them is a once in a lifetime thing. She also gets excited with everything that she may encounter and learn from her journeys. She will never say no to new adventures! A native of Cavite, Kizzie Belle prefers iced tea to fruit juice, morning to night, gold to silver, singing to dancing, fresh flowers, hazelnut chocolates, summer, challenges and more challenges. Some of the places that became her favorites were Bolinao, Camarines Sur and Palawan but she dreams to go to Siargao and Ireland someday.


  1. Agness of eTramping

    I should definitely spend my summer vacation at Masasa beach! So awe-inspiring!

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Yes, it’s worth a visit. Thanks Agness

  2. Adrenaline Romance

    Very nice beach! The corals are still very healthy. We would definitely put this beach in our bucket list.

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Masasa Beach is really nice, it has it’s own charm. It is simple, but the resources are overflowing and the locals are welcoming.

  3. abcdefghizzy

    This was a one-day trip? Good to know that exists in the Philippines because I always feels like its a trek and a half to get somewhere! Judging by how packed that beach is, I think i would “splurge” on the extra PHP100 and get to the lagoon asap and just plop myself one of those rocks! Gorgeous!

    What a well-organized post! I’m so happy I found your blog! I feel a bit judgy when it comes to blogs but I love a well-designed blog and from a fellow Filipina at that! Just liked you on fb 🙂

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Yes, it was a one-day trip – I was surprised too that there’s some place that’s just a stone’s throw away from the city (but honestly we had to go back and bring along some more people 🙂 )

      Thank you Izzy for the kind words and following the FB page, actually I saw your blog first and this is somehow inspired by yours. So, I should thank you, kabayan. 🙂

  4. 100cobbledroads

    Lovely pictures of the beach with the row of palm trees and also the lagoon. Those mountain goats appear to be very large sized. Were they?

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Thanks Punita. That view of the beach from afar is really wonderful. I guess those goats are a bit bigger than the average.

  5. gokulr27

    Loved it. Looks like an offbeat destination. Quite quaint and peaceful for a beach.

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      So far, it is getting busier by the day but still worth visiting nonetheless.

  6. laagsparkles

    amazing post and amazing place.♥

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Thanks so much laagsparkles. I just hope that all visitors and locals would be responsible enough to take care of this gem.

      1. laagsparkles

        Let’s hope on that. Being responsible is not a crime anyways. 🙂


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