Bauan, Batangas: 7 Must-Try Things To Do When in Bauan

Bauan Batangas - 7 Must-Try Things To Do When In Bauan

The municipality of Bauan, Batangas is ready to take center stage.  Despite the dreadful traffic, it is making a name for itself in a much more positive way.  To make the most of your time, go for this 7 must-try things to do when in Bauan.

Bask Under the Sun in the White Sand Beaches of Sampaguita

Batangas has long been associated with quick escapes at the beach.  Some of the well-known dive spots are Anilao in Mabini, other superb vacation destinations are in Laiya in San Juan, Nasugbu, Tingloy and Calatagan.  But the municipality of Bauan also has its fair share of white beaches along the seaboards of Barangay Sampaguita.  Since Sampaguita has just started to step into the limelight, some of the infrastructures are still in progress.  However, after enduring an approximately 40 to 45-minute bumpy tricycle ride from Anilao, you will get to take pleasure in its clear blue waters, coarse white sandy beach that are almost secluded from the rest of crowd.  Today, there are a number of resorts that operate in Sampaguita which cater to weekendersIl Sogno Resort is one of them.

Il Sogno Resort Bauan Batangas
Il Sogno Resort at Sampaguita, Bauan, Batangas
Il Sogno Fish Sanctuary
Fish Sanctuary near Il Sogno Resort

Become One with Nature at Abaksa River

It awaits you right at the heart of Inicbulan.  Find serenity as you set afloat Abaksa River’s cool placid waters.  The river has been enhanced to create a deeper water reservoir but they made sure that the changes they did kept it to its most natural state.  Breakaway from the usual beach holiday and be surrounded with lush greens for a change.

Abaksa River 5
Abaksa River
Abaksa River 10
Man-made Mini Waterfalls at Abaksa River

Indulge in a Mouthwatering Baby Back Ribs at Johanna’s Grille

Who loves meat?  I do! Better get those forks and knives ready to dig in to a delectable, fall off the bone baby back ribs at Johanna’s Grille.  The house turned into a restaurant had opened its doors for quite a while now feeding hungry locals.  Visiting divers also feast in the grille before (or after) they go deep into the underwater world.  Aside from their best-selling baby back ribs, Johanna’s Grille also serves burgers and other American barbecue favorites.  Of course, they also offer classic Filipino dishes.  The prices are above average but still reasonable compared to other steak houses.

Johanna's Grill Bauan Batangas
Baby back Ribs @ Johanna’s Grille Bauan
Johanna's Grille Bauan 8
Lumpiang Shanghai

Have a Fill of Authentic Batangas Lomi

Make room for more, because the food journey isn’t over yet. Among the myriad of Lomi variety around the country, Batangas-style Lomi is the one that made a mark. When in Bauan, Rori’s Refreshment & Eatery is the place to be.  The restaurant was established in 1996, back then they used to make their own noodles nevertheless, they have maintained that same good taste. Fancy a bowl of perfectly cooked noodles in thick, rich and flavorsome broth topped with crunchy pork ‘chicharon’ and boiled egg for only PHP45.00 ($1). They also have other Filipino favorites like Pancit, Halo-Halo and more. Visit Rori’s Refreshment & Eatery located at Don Quintin Castillo St cor. J Y Oroza St., Poblacion III, Bauan, Batangas.

Visit Bauan Church – Immaculate Conception Parish 

It is one of the century-old churches in Batangas.  According to Wikipedia, the Church of Bauan, also known as Immaculate Conception Parish, is a type of Neo-classical church.  The construction of the present church made of stone started since 1762 and was completed by 1861, finishing touches and decorations of the interiors and exteriors continued until 1881 and 1894 respectively.  Prior to that, the church had been relocated thrice, the third was in 1690 to where it is presently located.  As early as 1596, Mahal na Poong Santa Krus (Holy Cross of Bauan) has been its patron.  The cross was made of Anubing, a type of hardwood, which was found in Dingin, a place of worship, near the town of Alitagtag.  The Holy Cross of Bauan was said to be miraculous and had protected the town from many different types of plagues and natural disasters.  These miracles credited to the Mahal na Poong Santa Krus enticed a lot of devotees.

Bauan Church Immaculate Conception Parish
Immaculate Conception Parish
Bauan Church Immaculate Conception Parish Interior
Inside Immaculate Conception Parish

Celebrate Sublian Festival

The town of Bauan celebrates Sublian Festival every 2nd of May.  It intends to regain consciousness of the devotional dance, Subli to honor the Holy Cross of Bauan (Mahal na Poong Santa Krus).  Subli, a native dance of Batangas, is a combination of words subsob (stooped) and bali (bent) referring to the men’s stance during the dance.  A street-dance is staged to showcase not just the traditional dance but the colorful costumes too.  It is also celebrated in the municipality of Agoncillo and Batangas City.  Whenever you’re in Bauan during the time of the year, don’t miss this event.

For more information, photos and videos on Sublian Festival and Bauan, please check Bauan MIO Facebook Page

Sublian Festival Bauan MIO FB page
Photo grabbed from Bauan MIO Facebook Page

Buy ‘Pasalubong’ (souvenir) – Londres and Pianono at Ka Idro’s Bakery

For anyone who has sweet treats as their happy pill, a box-full of Londres at Ka Idro’s Bakery is a must-try.  Londres is a sugar coated bread made only in Bauan, Batangas.  It is available everyday but not all day, by 11 AM everything is sold.  Londres is somewhat similar in texture to that of broas (lady fingers) or biscocho (but softer and a bit chewy).    These small, square-shaped sugary delights have been my favorite ever since I’ve tasted it.  Aside from Londres, Ka Idro’s Bakery is also known for their Pianono, soft rolled cake with cream filling.  Ka Idro’s Bakery (in present location) started in 1987, however, they were first known as Bauan Bakery in the 1940s.

Londres Ka Idro's Bakery Bauan Batangas
Londres @ Ka Idro’s Bakery
Pianono Ka Idro's Bakery Bauan Batangas
Pianono @ Ka Idro’s Bakery

Bauan, Batangas has been eclipsed by its neighboring communities and has been identified mostly as the town before reaching Anilao in Mabini.  But the municipality of Bauan is more than just a gateway to Anilao and other distinguished places in Batangas.  Bauan is vibrant, it is lively, and it is a destination on its own.  So, put it on your list and check out these 7 must-try things to do when in Bauan.

How to get to Bauan, Batangas

From Manila, you can take the bus from Cubao or LRT Buendia going to Batangas Pier for 165 or 157 respectively. Then take a jeep from Grand terminal to Bauan.  Travel time: 2 and ½ to 3 hours depending on the traffic.

From Dasmariñas Cavite, you can take a van from Pala-Pala terminal. A little tip is to take the van route that goes from Lemery to Bauan, saves you from the traffic plus you get to have a peek of Tagaytay.

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How about you? Have you been to Bauan, Batangas? What are your favorite things to do when in Bauan? Do you have any other recommendations? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Agness of eTramping

    Those beaches are breathtaking! Plus, the food seems so mouth-watering. This is a definitely worth visiting place. How many days would you recommend spending there?

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      It is an underrated destination but it definitely has its own charm. 4 days to a week (or more 🙂 ) stay would suffice to really get its groove.

  2. Adrenaline Romance

    Wow! Bauan is amazingly beautiful! We’ve only been to Cuenca, Mataas na Kahoy, and Anilao when we visited Batangas two years ago. There is just so much more to Batangas than meets the eye. 🙂

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Yes it is! When you go on a diving trip next time in Batangas. Stop by some of the places in Bauan and experience the food, the beach and go on a nature trip. Thank you idols. 🙂

  3. Sam Sparrow

    Ribs, beaches and those blue skies and seas? Wow, it’s all just so beautiful. And I love that you can combine all of that with some cultural visits – the church looked particularly wonderful. Thanks for giving me yet another place I must visit!

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Hi Sam, you’re welcome. The beaches are what it is most popular for. I am sure that you will enjoy it. Thanks.

  4. The beaches look absolutely stunning! I had never actually heard of this place so thank you for posting, I will add to my list of things to do when I visit that area of the world 🙂

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      That’s great! Thank you thegypsyhearttravels.

  5. OurSweetAdventures

    We always try to leave some time for nature activities. Going along the Abaksa river sounds very nice. Rori’s sounds and looks delicious as well as authentic. You can never go wrong with an authentic bakery. Londres sound amazing.

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Thank you Our Sweet Adventures, doing things like how the locals would do it would give you a better experience of a place that you visit.

  6. neha

    Basking in the sun with literally nothing to do. And having delicious meals. I feel it sounds like the perfect idea for a vacation. Will love to visit bauan and when I do will keep your tips in mind

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Hi Neha, Please do pay a visit. Bauan will be waiting for you. Thanks.

  7. So much water and such gorgeous beaches filled with such colorful fishes! I love this place!
    With my sweet tooth, I guess I’ll buy so much at that bakery!!!

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      That’s great to know. It is quite famous for its beaches and the abundance of its marine life.

  8. aysabaw

    ganda ng mga litrato, nakakatakam yung mga pagkain sa pictures :p

    1. wheninmyjourneys

      Nakakagutom nga eh. Salamat. 🙂


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